Art Therapy Services

Healing Happens Through Art


Children’s Art Therapy provides art therapy services, as well as utilizing play and sand therapy techniques, for children and families in individual, group and family sessions.


Take the first step and contact us…

When you reach out, you will speak directly with Jodi, the owner of Children’s Art Therapy. She will listen to the concerns you have, answer your questions and ask preliminary questions about your child and family. For younger children, initial goals will be discussed prior to meeting. For older children, we will discuss and set goals together at our first session. An appointment can be scheduled at that time for you and your child to meet with Jodi and start your art therapy experience.

A unique aspect of Children’s Art Therapy is the scheduling of phone calls to keep in touch regarding your child’s treatment plan. Each child and family are special- Teamwork and communication are key to successfully accomplishing the goals we set together.

Why should you contact Children’s Art Therapy?

Has your child or family been impacted by:

● Divorce
● Death of a loved one or pet
● Major illness
● Self-destructive behaviors
● School stress
● Test anxiety
● Bullying
● Peer pressure
● Defiance or uncontrollable anger
● Difficulty maintaining friendships or interacting socially with peers
● A traumatic event
● Change in behavior, mood, sleep, appetite, or academic functioning
● Communication disorder/difficulty
● Autism
● Learning disabilities
● Dyslexia
● Emotional issues
● Physical disabilities
● Eating disorders
● General stress
● Domestic violence

Children’s Art Therapy also provides workshops for parents, special needs groups, teachers/schools and organizations.

For more information call (201) 565-2442.

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