Read How Art Therapy Is Making a Difference


“Jodi has helped our daughter navigate many changes in her life; from adapting to a new school and community, to dealing with body issues when entering puberty. For our daughter therapy is a place where she can discover who she is, accept herself and grow as a person. Art provides a safe place where she can say anything free of judgment. It’s also a space where she can be heard and she can speak her mind, working through things by painting or doing sculptures. Art Therapy has taught my daughter that when she feels anxious or sad, she can always draw or paint, or do anything with her hands and this will bring her some peace.” ~Parents of Client, age 13


Jodi is kind, and she listens to what other people have to say. Art helps me express my feelings, and gives me freedom because I can express myself in ways of art.” ~Client, age 13


“Thank you so much Jodi! We appreciate your dedication and are so happy we found you! Having an open dialogue so we can work through things together has been key! Thank you!” ~Mother of Client, age 9


“I have an illness and My 4-year-old was having difficulty in school- outbursts, not listening, potty accidents. We assumed that it was due to the changes in the home and wanted to help him communicate. He loves to draw, and loves crafts so we thought art therapy was the natural choice to help him express himself. Working with Jodi was a pleasure. She built an instant rapport with our son, established trust almost immediately. He would cry if we had to cancel the appointment. Jodi was “an artist and his friend”. Jodi was beyond flexible when we couldn’t make her office hours and even offered to meet and advocate for him at school. We were lucky to find her and other families would be as well!” ~Mother of Client, age 4


“We sought out Art therapy as a way to create and build interest and confidence in drawing. What we got, absolutely blew us away! Jodi was able to unleash the creative potential of a child who was insecure about drawing and hated art with a passion. Now, he comes home and immediately starts drawing. He loves telling stories through his art and can spend hours focused on a particular project. She has truly been able to find and cultivate his creative potential.” ~Caretaker of Client, age 7



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